Knightsford Parish Council


Since 1973, West Stafford has been grouped together with the neighbouring parishes

of West Knighton, Woodsford and Tincleton to form

Knightsford Parish Council.


Four elected representatives from West Stafford join the nine Parish Councillors from the other villages

to meet once a month to discuss and decide on Parish matters.


Each village within the group must hold two Parish Meetings a year as a forum for village matters.

Some issues may have to be referred to the Parish Council.

If you have any queries regarding anything in the village then please contact

any of your councillors.

Sandy Tubby


Gordon Shaw


Paul Thompson


Richard Clegg

Alan Thacker

Chair of KPC

It is with considerable sadness that we record the death of Alan, who was Chairman of Knightsford Parish Council and a District Councillor for many years. Alan attended many of our Village Parish Meetings and often acted as Chairman. He spent many hours working for the local community and he will be missed.