St. Andrew’s Church

APRIL  2021


The Church Committee are pleased that St Andrew’s Church now has a new wooden noticeboard. They initially wanted to have the existing wooden noticeboard repaired because it had been made by Reg Galpin.  He had lived in Barton Close in the bungalow ‘The Acers’, and also owned the workshop on the corner.

 Reg & his wife Molly had been stalwart villagers involved in many aspects of the community; after their deaths a brass plaque was placed on a wall in the Village Hall attesting to this.  (Molly ‘passed away’ in 2003 & Reg in 2008). 

However, the Committee decided to accept a quote from the Men’s Shed for a brand new one because it was little more than the price of mending the old one. 

It was unfortunate that production was delayed due to Coronavirus Lockdowns but we were delighted that it was erected during Holy Week - just in time for our new vicar Revd Cora’s first Service at St Andrew’s on Easter Sunday.

Services & Events 


MARCH 2021


1st & 3rd Sundays

Morning Prayer


2nd & 4th Sundays

Holy Communion


All at 11.15am.  

(These will be Said Services as no hymn singing

is allowed due to Coronavirus restrictions).


5th Sundays

All welcome at St George’s Church, Fordington

for a joint Service

(no Service at St Andrew’s).


The church is open for Private Prayer on Wednesdays from 10am - 4pm


Church Contact:


Revd Cora Yarrien

01305 262421

07704 533340