Knightsford Parish Council

Tincleton, West Knighton, West Stafford and Woodsford



Four elected representatives from West Stafford join the nine Parish Councillors from the other villages to meet once a month to discuss and decide on the neighbourhood plan. 

 The last meeting was in West Knighton on the 8th February and the following was discussed:
• The neighbourhood plan is progressing with business surveys received and finalised. Funding has
been approved to cover consultancy costs
• Concerns were raised by Cllr Meader over the Silverlakes development which may have an impact
on West Stafford. 
• West Stafford have secured volunteers for the Community Speed Watch Scheme
• It was also noted that tree planting was proposed in the area
• Cllr Cooke reported that quotes had been received for repairs to the steps leading from Glebeland Close to the Village Green.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 8th March 2023 at Tincleton Village Hall.